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February 1, 2023

Block 1 Programming Overview

To start 2023 off right we’re going to be working through a 6-week long hypertrophy phase. Hypertrophy means an increase in size, which in our case means getting y'alls muscles all plump and juicy. Block 1 work will drive muscle growth by progressively increasing the weekly volume of work using challenging weights.The week will be split into upper and lower splits, with 2 upper body days and 2 lower body days each week. The primary work on the upper and lower days will be bench press, pull-ups, back squats, and Romanian deadlifts. These lifts will repeat week-to-week and provide us with the opportunity to get a ton of reps under our belt and become more proficient in these patterns, in addition to getting swole. Accessory movements to compliment the primary movement and provide additional volume will also recur week-to-week.Upper and lower days will alternate each day throughout the week, and the order switched in alternating weeks (eg, week 1 is lower/upper/lower/upper on M/Tu/W/F, week 2 is upper/lower/upper/lower on M/Tu/W/F, etc.). Additionally, each week will provide an increasing number of max-rep days, where a working weight is completed for as many reps as possible in a set. The combination of increasing working sets, with additional working sets to failure will provide a potent stimulus to growing muscle to start the year.Because the focus for Block 1 is on lifting weights, conditioning during the week will be structured with that goal in mind. Workouts will be intense but generally avoid unnecessary additional fatigue that could detract recovery efforts from the main lifting. Thursday will still be the day the magic happens (more aerobic capacity = more capacity to recover = higher tolerance to harder training = more results) and Saturday and Sunday will stay multi-modal.We're starting the year off focusing on building muscle because it’s easier to get stronger, faster, and harder to kill when you've got more muscle. Also because beach season is approximately 73 days away and you'll thank us when everyone asks you where you got your hamstrings from.

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