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April 11, 2022

Programming - Block 3 Overview

BLOCK 3 OVERVIEWPERFORMDuration: 5 weeksStrength & Conditioning Test: 10-9-8…3-2-1, Deadlifts (1.5*BW) + Push Press (0.75*BW/0.6*BW) + Cleans (0.75*BW)Secondary Lifts: Dips, Pull-ups, LungesAdditional Work: CooldownsBlock 2 made our legs stronger and (hopefully) our squats better, and improved our ability to pace, push, and breath on the rowers (while pushing our aerobic threshold). The relatively low frequency of lifting and increased emphasis on joint full ROM prep work should have facilitated recovery during the 7-week cycle and set us up well for the work in Block 3. Block 3 is marked by two major features: 1) Strength test is the conditioning test and consists exclusively of lifting weights, and 2) higher weekly frequency of performing the primary lifts for the block. Because we’ll be lifting weights more frequently, the daily volumes and intensities will be more tightly controlled to regulate the weekly volume load exposure and limit it to something that we can keep recovering and progressing from. Conditioning during class will be shorter and more purposeful on M/Tu/W/F with a longer aerobic/Zone 2 session on Thursday. Oh and there will be a bunch of upper body pump stuff programmed on Thursday too. BeachSZN is real and it’s around the corner.Specifically, the week will break down as follows for the duration of the next 5 weeks of training:MONDAY

  • Lower body day
  • Primary lifts at lower intensities (keep RIR between 2-5) and primary unilateral patterns to increase total weekly accumulation of volume


  • Upper body day
  • High intensity pushing + high volume pulling
  • Longer duration continuous conditioning work


  • Lower body day
  • Repeat a primary lift from Monday at a higher intensity + drop sets with speed priority and complementary plyometric
  • Sprint intensity interval work (both for speed and as conditioning)


  • Stay aerobic baby
  • Highly encourage all to complete the Thursday conditioning work! A broad aerobic base will make it easier to train and recover at higher intensities and can help promote recovery from existing soreness if done at low enough intensity
  • Upper. Body. Pump. Stuff.


  • Full body day
  • Higher intensity speed movements (eg, olympic lifting) with strength endurance work
  • Lower and upper accessory movements

At least three days a week there will be programmed cooldown work that is to be completed after class. These cooldowns will be a combination of yin yoga-type pose holds and prescribed breath work. This cooldown work will be mostly self-led (eg, after class has completed and without much coach instruction) so keep an eye on sugarwod for demo videos.PUMPDuration: 5 weeksBlock Goals: Big and Strong Methodology: Something heavy, something fast, something pump-y each day, with upper and lower components. Volume will fluctuate throughout to facilitate recovery for subsequent sessions.Weekly Layout: MONDAY

  • Heavy lower
  • Velocity work for lower with light weight
  • Sled work
  • Single-joint upper accessory work


  • Lower accommodating resistance
  • Sprint work
  • Midline work


  • Heavy upper
  • Strength endurance with olympic lifts
  • Lower body accessory work

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