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January 12, 2022

January Member Spotlight

This month features an OG Cityside couple. Matt and Felicity are those people who make everyone around them better. Read on and learn a little more about 'em.Tell Us About Yourself: (Age, Hometown, Occupation, Family, Something Nobody Knows Etc.)Matt: I'm 40 and from Houston. I'm in business and can (almost) run a sub minute 400m.Felicity: I'm 33, from England, I'm also in business and make a mean beef wellington.Rory: I'm 8 months old, I am a baby, and H-town born and raised. I like to poop in the bath.How Long Have You Been A Member And How Did You Get Started At Cityside?Matt: I have been a member for what feels like forever. Ryan was coaching at another gym I was working out at and I was so inspired by his deep love for exercise that I left and joined Cityside a couple of months after it opened.Felicity: I joined 6 years ago when I moved from London and was looking to make friends in a new city. My coworker was a member and she introduced Cityside to me. I didn't know I was looking for love, but Matt got me drunk at a gym party a few months later and here we are.What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?Matt: When Jonathan works out in his underwear. It does not happen as much as it used to and I miss it.Felicity: The programming has always been fantastic. You just need to show up consistently and you will see results. I have gotten really strong (for me), come back from injury and recovered from giving birth. The workouts are consistently challenging and interesting and the coaches always put in the time to help you adjust when needed. The people are alright too.What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining? (Fitness, Personal Etc.)Matt: I met, married, and then knocked Felicity up. I also did a muscle up one time many years ago.Felicity: I've had a lot of health and fitness goals since joining Cityside and honestly feel I have met or exceeded all of them. Regardless of the movement or the weight, Cityside has helped me meet them; from lifting a certain weight, doing pull ups and muscle ups, or RX'ing an open. Having come back from injury and now being a mum I want to maintain strength and stability, prevent injuries, and keep up with the kiddo. I also met Matt.What Are Your Future Goals/Plans? (Does Not Have To Be Fitness Related)Matt: to knock my wife up 4 more times and run a sub minute 400m.Felicity: Neither of those will happen.

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