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July 19, 2022

Member Spotlight Pet Edition - Roo Liso

Tell us about yourself:My name is Roo, aka Roocifer 😈. I’m a lab mix rescued by my mom from the shelters. My favorite thing to do at the gym is play with my squishy yellow ball. So if you see it, paws off, it’s mine.How long have you been at Cityside?Mom started bringing me in September of 2021. Thank god she can’t make it to the 5:30 am classes anymore, I need my beauty sleep and morning cuddles.Favorite activities:Other than allllllll the naps and cuddles, I love going to discovery green, fetching my ball, swimming, and chasing the four wheelers at grandpas ranch. Oh and day drinking with mom, of course.Favorite treat/foods:Hands down, air fried salmon skin is the best, but dehydrated duck feet are a close second. #bougie #spoiledFun fact:I’ve beat every other member at the gym in sprints. Catch me if you can 🤪 also, I can sing to the harmonica, it’s great, you should hear it.

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