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May 20, 2022

Programming - Block 4 Overview

PERFORMDuration: 8 weeksStrength Test: Work to 1RM squat clean, then max reps squat cleans in 2 minutes (70% of 1RM)Conditioning Test: 1000m run + 750m row + 40c bikeSecondary Lifts: FS/BS, pushups, pullupsAdditional Work: ROMWOD sessions throughout the weekBlock 3 was about muscular endurance in three of the big movement patterns (hinge, squat, and push) and the strength work and conditioning was structured to reflect that. The goal wasn’t to push top end strength, or even work rep maxes, but to create broad capacity in the meaty part of the strength curve for each of the movements. A large aerobic demand was also dealt with in order to clear fatigue and keep working through the moderately heavy loads.Block 4 will take this capacity and start to refine it specifically for a single lift: the clean. The wrinkle is that not only are we looking to push the top end strength (which will be dealt with largely as technical development of the movement), but also higher end strength endurance. We will spend the better part of an entire day of training during the week to refine our technique and develop confidence handling heavier loading in the movement. The conditioning test is a more pure challenge of aerobic capacity and the conditioning work throughout the week will be focused on pushing our lactic threshold to improve overall performance. Secondary lower body work in the form of stamina front/back squats and bodyweight pushing and pulling will round out the weekly work priorities for Block 4.Specifically, the week will break down (GENERALLY) as follows for the duration of the next 8 weeks of training:MONDAY

  • Primary: Cleans (all positions, all variations)
  • Secondary: Single-leg lower work, upper pull accessory
  • Cond: Middle interval (1-3min work, 1:1 rest) work (running, rowing biking)


  • Primary: Upper push
  • Secondary: Gymnastics skill
  • Cond: Multi-modal medium intensity longer duration work


  • Primary: Speed/power work (sprints, sleds)
  • Secondary: FS/BS work
  • Cond: Short intervals (<1min work, extended rest)


  • Cond: Stay aerobic baby
  • Secondary: Upper. Body. Pump. Stuff.
  • Highly encourage all to complete the Thursday conditioning work! A broad aerobic base will make it easier to train and recover at higher intensities and can help promote recovery from existing soreness if done at low enough intensity


  • Primary: Cleans and upper power work
  • Secondary: Upper pull work
  • Cond: Middle interval work with shorter rest interval (monostructural+olympic lift)


  • Cond: Aerobic lower endurance work (air squats, light DL, lunges, etc.)


  • Cond: Running clock monostructural, additional work EMOM

At least three days a week there will be programmed cooldown work that is to be completed after class. These cooldowns will be a combination of yin yoga-type pose holds and prescribed breath work. This cooldown work will be mostly self-led (eg, after class has completed and without much coach instruction) so keep an eye on sugarwod for demo videos.PUMPDuration: 8 weeksBlock Goals: Bigger and StrongerMethodology: Full body every day. Mix max and dynamic efforts, speed/power work, rep work into each session varied across the week.Weekly Layout: MONDAY

  • Max effort lower
  • Dynamic effort upper
  • Power work (faster speeds)
  • Rep work (endurance)


  • Max effort upper
  • Dynamic effort lower
  • Power work (slower speeds)
  • Rep work (rep maxes)


  • Power endurance
  • Unilateral upper and lower rep work

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