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May 25, 2022

Member Spotlight - Adam Bowers

Tell Us About Yourself:I'm originally from Lafayette, LA, but I've been in Houston for 10 years now. I won't ever consider myself a Texan, but I can accept being a Houstonian (Houston has been really good to me and I do love to bang screw). I'm still learning to tolerate Aggies, which hasn't been easy, but I have been making so much progress! I work for a consulting firm as the Business Development Lead in their oil & gas division. Travel is my passion and I've gotten the chance to see the world with friends I've made at Cityside. Just never let Matt Thomas handle the logistics of a trip unless you want to spend a week on a boat in the Aegean Sea with no air conditioning.How Long Have You Been A Member And How Did You Get Started At Cityside?I started Cityside in 2014, so I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious. My gym was closing so a group of us were looking for a badass gym to take us in. I dropped into Cityside and when I saw a bunch of sweaty, bearded men lifting weights and banging screw I knew I was home.What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?I came for the programming and stayed for the people. Cityside has introduced me to some of my best friends on the planet - people that will show up when you need them. These people mean the world to me. Also, the free Fitaids just hit different.What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?Too many accomplishments to mention, but I'm still PR'ing lifts and turning weaknesses into strengths. It's a testament to the thoughtful programming and the emphasis on consistency. Stick to the program and the results are inevitable. But in all seriousness, being the member spotlight is my biggest accomplishment, not only at Cityside, but in life. (I've nominated myself virtually every month for the last 5 years to no avail). I guess being built different isn't a required trait.What Are Your Future Goals/Plans?I want to see the world, make a difference in my community, inspire others...let's be real here, I want a 315# clean.

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