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July 19, 2022

Programming - Block 5 Overview

PerformDuration: 4 weeksStrength Test: NAConditioning Test: NAObjective: Full-body sessions everyday (minimum 2 patterns), goal is general hypertrophy through higher weekly volume (target 15+ working sets/muscle group/week) Main lift(s) first, then supersets of additional secondary work.Primary Lifts: Trap-bar deadlifts, strict press, hip thrusts, chin-upsSecondary Lifts: FS, BS, RDL, lunges, BP, rows, dipsGeneral Weekly Layout:MONDAYPrimary: Trap bar DLSecondary: Horizontal pull, front-loaded squatTUESDAYPrimary: Strict pressSecondary: RDL, Biceps+TricepsWEDNESDAYPrimary: Hip ThrustSecondary: Lunges/SL work, abs, armsFRIDAYPrimary: ChinupsSecondary: Dips, back squatsBlock 4 focused on developing strength in the clean and developing lower body strength endurance, and we saw a lot of big PRs on both fronts! Block 5 is going to take the ability to recruit higher threshold motor units and put that control to the test with a body-building style hypertrophy block. We’ll be focusing on the quality of the contraction of every rep of every set in every session. Expect a lot of lifting in every training day throughout the week, with a goal to push the total volume while managing overall fatigue. This will be done through a combination of exercise selection, set structuring, and reduced conditioning loads. DO NOT FRET OVER REDUCED CONDITIONING VOLUME - between the amount of lifting, controlled rest periods, and ambient temperature in the gym there will be plenty of metabolic stress to go around (as a corollary to this it will probably be even more useful to complete the aerobic work on Thursday, as well as entertain the longer more endurance focused workouts on Saturday and Sunday).In short we’re spending the next few weeks chasing tension in each session and building them buns, guns, and everything in between. Make sure you’re eating, hydrating, and sleeping, and let’s get ready to grow!PUMPDuration: 4 weeksBlock Goals: Swole. Getting f’ing swole. Methodology: Full body every day. Higher daily volume, pushing several sets near failure in each session. Weekly Layout: MONDAY

  • Lower focused full body day


  • Upper focused full body day


  • Full body day with power emphasis

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