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July 16, 2019


Tell Us About Yourself:Bo Hughes, 32 years old, Geologist, from Houston. My wife Courtney and my 7 month old baby girl, Ellie. Hobbies include duck hunting, working with my black lab, fishing. I have watched my wife run the Boston Marathon twice and would like to qualify and run it in the next 5 years.How Long Have You Been a Member at Cityside?I have been a member at Cityside for 3 monthsWhat Made You Start CrossFit?I started CrossFit because I wanted variety in my workouts while lifting heavy weights with like minded good people.What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside?The programming at Cityside is unreal, never in my life have I been so excited to see what the workout is going to be, the creativity is second to none. The coaches are extremely available and extremely motivated to make us better and help us achieve our goals. Also the folks at the noon classes are quickly becoming some of my favorite people in life, you know who you are.What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?I lost 25 pounds in the first 3 months, learned kipping and butterfly pullups (shout out Kirk), and put 40lbs on my back squat 1RM.What Are Your Future Goals?

My main fitness goal is consistency, I want to create a lifestyle I can maintain for years not weeks. Short term goal would be back squatting 2x bodyweight and completing Murph in a weight vest under an hour. I also want to continue to be the best father and husband I can be and get my wife over to Cityside asap.

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