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July 7, 2019


Tell Us About Yourself: (Name, Age, Career, Hometown, Family, Hobbies, Interesting Facts, Etc.)My name is Evan Long-Quian, 24 years old and as of June 6th I am a 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army. Born and raised in Houston Texas, my mom is from Kansas, my dad is from Cuba, and I have one younger brother in college in Iowa. Right now my hobbies are pretty much whatever the Army tells me to do, but other than CrossFit...I'd say my hobbies include hunting, backpacking, reading, and eating ice cream. Interesting fact: I have never had a Coke.How Long Have You Been a Member at Cityside?I joined Cityside during the Open in 2016 so 3+ years.What Made You Start CrossFit?I started CrossFit in February of 2012 to get in shape for the military after several people told me it was the best way to physically prepare.What Do You Enjoy Most About Cityside? There are a lot of things I like about Cityside, the community pushes and challenges each other to be better, the workouts are hard and challenging, and the coaches are top notch just to name a few things.What Goals/Accomplishments Have You Achieved Since Joining?I have PR'd all of my major lifts: squat, bench, deadlift, snatch, and clean and jerk. My gymnastics and mobility have also improved a lot although I still have a ways to go with mobility.What Are Your Future Goals? (Fitness, Health, Career, Personal Etc.)Fitness goals I would like to squat 400, deadlift 600, finish an Ironman and ultra-marathon, hike the Appalachian trail, climb Denali and improve mobility so I can stay injury free. Other goals include reading more, learning Russian, hunting Dall sheep in Alaska, and being given command of a unit in the Army.

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