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February 15, 2022

Programming - Block 2 Overview

PERFORMDuration: 7 weeksStrength Test: 6RM Back SquatConditioning Test: 21-15-9, Row + Push Press (60% of Block 1 Strength)Secondary Lifts: DB press, gymnastics density sets, RDLAdditional Work: Hip/Shoulder Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs)Congrats on all the hard work and improvements that were made during the Block 1 work (yes, we know running isn’t the most fun especially when it’s sub-50 degrees out), now we look to carry some of that momentum into Block 2!Block 2 will be focused on lower body strength development via a 6RM back squat strength test, and anaerobic/glycolitic fitness with a short and intense upper body strength-endurance conditioning test. Secondary lifting/conditioning work will aim to support both of these objectives with our additional work programmed to make sure our hip and shoulder structures stay supple and healthy as we push them through the scheduled weekly progressions.Specifically, the week will break down as follows for the duration of the next 7 weeks of training:MONDAY

  • Power/plyometric work (eg, barbell complexes, jumps, bounds, hops, sprints, etc.)
  • Output focused interval work at higher intensities with greater rest periods to allow for full recovery and effort in each bout
  • Mondays are usually our freshest days which should let us work at a variety of intensities but with a focus on speed. Mostly concentric efforts will limit fatigue and allow fuller recovery moving into the rest of the week


  • Upper body push focused
  • Gymnastics density work incorporated into strength portions (gymnastics in this context means bodyweight training for upper push and pull movements with an emphasis on positional holds/shapes in condensed work:rest ratios)
  • Longer aerobic work with a bias towards rowing


  • 6RM squat work (this progression will work on a Reps In Reserve (RIR) framework where max sets at given percentages will be completed and will function as auto-regulation for weekly intensity)


  • Stay aerobic baby
  • Highly encourage all to complete the Thursday conditioning work! A broad aerobic base will make it easier to train and recover at higher intensities and can help promote recovery from existing soreness if done at low enough intensity.


  • Lower body accessory day
  • Use RDL (both barbell and DB variations) as main lift to reinforce a strong hinge (pulling from floor is limited during this block to minimize back fatigue which could detract from squat work)
  • Row sprints? Row sprints.

Hip and Shoulder CARs work will be sprinkled in throughout the week. As with the other lifting that we’ll be doing for this block, we want to limit the variance of these movements somewhat so that folks can start to feel more comfort/familiarity/improvement with the exercises week to week which should drive the efficacy. Subject to some additions, the base we’ll be working with will be as follows:SHOULDER CARS


PUMPDuration: 7 weeksBlock Goals: 6RM Back Squat, Pressing Rep Maxes, Sprint Skill Methodology: French Contrast/PAP techniques. French contrast utilizes overcoming isometric hold + plyometric + complementary strength movement + overspeed movement. Post-activation potentiation (PAP) utilizes a similar structure to advantage the natural phenomenon of heavy lifts to increase contraction velocities at lower force levels.Weekly Layout: MONDAY

  • Power/Speed Day
  • Full-body work focusing on mostly concentric contractions and fast eccentrics (eg, sprinting, bounding, etc.)
  • Upper and lower body sled work, sprinting and jumping, barbell work with speed emphasis (olympic lifts, but also banded work)
  • Single-joint accessory work


  • Lower body focused day
  • 6RM squat work from Perform classes
  • French contrast lower work to complement max effort squat work
  • Midline work


  • Full-body day
  • Upper pressing with rep max and PAP work
  • Lower body accessory work (hinge + SL bias)

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